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COLOAPT Electric Air Pump

The electric air pump is quick as it does have three nozzles and these come in three sizes which are small, medium, and large. It can be used anywhere as long as there are inflatable products available around. For instance, it can be used for swimming pools, yoga balls, etc.

airpump with its nozzles and battery power
COLOAPT Electric Air Pump


Product Attributes:

Machine Color: Black

Brand Name: COLOAPT

Machine Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Parcel Dimensions: 12 x 10 x 8.5 Centimeters

Parcel Weight: 0.37 Kilograms (Approximately 370 Grams)

Power Sources Options: 2

Source of Power: Twilled Electric & Powered by Battery


Product Details:

  • COLOAPT sleek and compact design makes it look smart and ultra-light. A small machine that can fit in any storage space. Electric air pumps can be placed in a tool kit too.
  • It can be used for beach balls, pools, boats, and tires for pumping up the air inside them.
  • It consists of a lithium battery. A powerful 5000mAh battery which is for instant and portable use. For charging, there is a built-in port for USBs where it can be charged anytime with a wire.
  • It is an easy-to-carry device. Can be taken anywhere but must be stored inside a place having a temperature less than 45 degrees.
  • It is durable and provides a better experience with the products adaptable too.



  • It is powerful and smart.
  • It has different nozzles to fit as per consumer requirements.
  • Electric pump comes with various features. 
  • It has reliable batteries and are always good to go.
  • This is a must-pick for those who love to have inflatable products with them.



  • It must not be overcharged else it would not work properly.
  • Electric air pumps cannot be taken into hot places where the temperature is above 45 degrees.


Pumteck Electric Air Pump

 It can be used for any sort of inflatable product. The electronic air pump consists of a powerful battery. A 4000mAh lithium battery is installed inside it which is for on-the-spot inflation. It can be used for indoor and outdoor activities.

Electric air pump with its usb and accessories
Pumteck Electric Air Pump

Product Attributes:

Machine Brand: Pumteck

Product Dimensions: 8.7 x 6 x 10.2 cm

Package Weight: 0.32 Kilograms (Approximately 320 Grams)

Power sources: 02

Power Options: Corded Electric, Battery Powered


Product Details:

  • Due to an installed battery, it is portable and works for a minimum of 30 minutes at least when it is fully charged. The built-in USB port makes it easier to charge it.
  • There are different nozzles. These come in different sizes. There are 4 nozzles. Size ranges from small to extra large and it is for consumers to grant them the fittest nozzles to inflate. All sorts of inflatable bags, pools, rafts, tires are reliable with this electronic air pump.
  • It only takes around 70 seconds to inflate and thus, it is a time-saving device. Just insert the nozzle in the valve and the electronic pump will do its job precisely.
  • It is non-slippery, slim, and sleek body design, handheld, and easy to use.
  • It can be worked up to forty degrees when it comes to weather conditions.



  • In every condition, it is reliable and easy to use.
  • It is used for pumping air in various playing accessories. 
  • It is best for rafting, tires, swimming pools, mattresses, etc.
  • Electric air pump design is easy to handle. 
  • It is portable and slim·        
  • It is lightweight and does not require a lot of space. 



  • It cannot work over 40-degree weather conditions.
  • It lasts for only 40 minutes with installed batteries.


WALLE Electric Air Pump

It is best for family trips, tours and travels. A unique design for carrying it around. Easily portable and reliable device. It does not require huge space.

airpump with its usb charger
WALLE Electric Air Pump

Product Features:

Product Color: Black

Brand: WALLE

Material of Product: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Package Dimensions: 10 x 12.5 x 10 centimeters

Package Weight: 03 Kilos (Approximately 300 Grams)

Power sources:     01

Powered by: Battery Powered


Product Details:

  • A powerful rechargeable battery is inside this product. 
  • Electric air pump battery lasts for 35 minutes. Charging time is less than two hours. 
  • The maximum flow of this electronic pump is maximum 300/L.
  • There are three nozzles with this product. The sizes range from small to large as it is convenient for customers to find the best fit for the product.
  • It occupies less space.
  • It is rechargeable. 
  • Due to its efficient technology, this pump makes less noise as compared to other machines.
  • This device requires charging. 
  • All WALLE electric air pumps use advanced and high–quality metal impellers, which greatly reduces their noise in operation. This electric pump inflates and deflates powerfully just to save your time.


  • It is not suitable for high-pressure products like basketball, tires, balloons, or yoga ball.
  • Charge it fully before use.
  • Do not use it while charging. 

We ensure that you will satisfy with our air pump, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.



  • It operates in moderate weather.
  • Device is highly reliable and portable. 
  • Machine is easy to carry around. 
  • This device use very little space. 
  • This air pump produce minimum noise. 


  • This product is not efficient for the tires and other high-pressured products, for instance, footballs, basketballs, etc.
  • It is rechargeable. It operates for maximum 30 to 40 minutes in one go. 
  • Battery is the only source of power in this pump.
  • It does not operate on portable cell and batteries. 


BOMPOW Electric Pump

This product is handheld and portable. Compact and sleek design is for travelling. It is easy to carry for travelling to various destinations. It is an integral part of the bag pack for families, campers, and rafters.

airpump with its nozzles and chargers
BOMPOW Electric Pump

Product Attributes:

Machine Color: Black

Machine Brand: BOMPOW

Package Dimensions: 30 x 10.49 x 10.49 cm

Package Weight: 0.3 Kilograms (Approximately 300 Grams)

Power Source Options: 01

Power Source: Corded Electric


Product Details:

  • This device has built in powerful motor (DC 12V 50 W/ AC 230 V). Air pump is a symbol of quality. 
  • It does come up with a cable and car charger.
  • There are three nozzles in this machine.
  • Universal size nozzles are present in this pump. 
  • Beach toys, rings for swimming and water beds can also utilize this product.


  • It makes less noise as compared to other market pumps.
  • This pump is easy to carry. 
  • It occupy less space and requires no specific environment for storage.
  • Credible and authentic authorities recommend this product for use. 
  • After-sale services are being provided by them in case of problems.
  • Anyone can use this pump and there is no age limit. 
  • This device saves time and effort. 



  • This device is not for high-pressure products or items. 
  • Avoid using it with tires, football, and basketballs.


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