Is Virat Kohli Finished?

Virat Kohli indian team former captain

Virat Kohli, also known as Vk18 in the cricketing circles, is currently facing a rough patch in his larger-than-life cricketing career. He led the Indian side for a decade before going out of form. While fans are waiting for his 71st international career century, he is currently failing in getting to this milestone.

For every rough patch a player is going through, and it is always expected that out of the blue moon, they will come back stronger and rock the field once again. But in this case, the followers around the globe are losing hope since the wait is prolonged. Bad patches do come, but they also bring fear alongside performance anxiety, allowing a player to think about a glorified past while keeping him fearful for future performances.

From a Warrior to a Worrier!

Virat Kohli has scored 70 international tons in just 10 years with a staggering average and vicious strike rate. His excellence was that he could quickly adapt to the changes and switch his game plan as per the situation. A batsman covering all three format’s rank sheets alongside peak fitness outperformed opponents bravely with his winning knocks. After Dhoni, he took over the captaincy of team India and was a player who would reach an exalting level in Indian cricket history. 

Discussing his downfall, let’s look at his last three-year performances from 2019. He played 140 innings in which he scored 29 centuries and 32 half-centuries with a flabbergasted average of 73.4 in international cricket. In these three years, starting from 2016 to 2018, Virat Kohli played exceptionally well, scoring 8148 runs in international cricket. While discussing his test knocks, he scored six double centuries in these three years. IPL, considered King of Franchise Leagues, was dominated by Kohli, where outlandishly, he scored 973 runs in just one season, making 1811 in all these three seasons. 

2016: A Year To Be Remembered By Virat Kohli

Format  Innings   Runs     Average    SR    The 50s/100s

Test           18         1215        75.93      60.41      2/4

ODI           10         739         92.37     100.00    4/3

T20           15          641         106.83   140.26     7/0

IPL           16          973          81.08     152.03     7/4


Where the Downfall Started for Virat Kohli!

Even the cricketing year 2019 was also not bad for Virat Kohli, where he scored 2455 international runs and scored at an average of 59 per innings. He also added up 464 runs for his franchise RCB in 2019. Before 2019, Kohli did have 70 hundred and 101 fifties in international cricket, but who knew that moving to a new year would bring the worst out of his peak form. It was 2020 when the whole world took a downward shift; Kohli’s magic also started to fade out, but that year was not the worst since he averaged 49.5 in the t20s, 39 in ODIs and 28.14 in test matches. 

Cricketing experts also avoided labeling it a lousy phase since Kohli was the only Indian player to score over 2000 runs in 2020, and he also had the most fifties in this timeframe. Moreover, he played some fighting innings, which showed his game character, such as Adelaide’s 74, a gluttonous 50 at The Oval against mighty England and 57 against Pakistan in the T20 world cup game where India was 39-3 after Shaheen Shah Afridi shattered the Indian top order.

These types of innings where he has shown absolute character cannot be from an out-of-form batting guru. But what pinches the mind of experts and fans is an inconsistency in scoring runs, a trend of repeating the same mistakes such as playing outside off-stump deliveries again and again and, most importantly, end up throwing wickets against less experienced and more accessible sides such as West Indies tour performance. 

Out Side Off-Stumps

virat kohli outside edge out

You can analyze Out-of-touch batting with nine outside off-stump dismissals in overseas tests. The main concern is that he was unable to score big in the past, but he always roars back with his blade. But this time, his career is looking like a walling wedge where innings are further taking his stats down the line. While experts are narrowing the reasons for his temporary downfall, Harsha Bhogle added quite a few lines that this might be because of years of brilliance which comes with a capacity, or it might be his daughter, after which he might have sensed that there is more to this world. On the other hand, as per analyst Akash Chopra, the captaincy issue might have been the reason which tore him apart since the tussle was going in between BCCI and Kohli, or it might be a period that comes to every player after he has seen his peak career times. 

Not Easy for Kohli Fans

With the ultimate cricketing experiences provided by Kohli, it is just out of the world to see him going down like this when he feels so worn out in almost every match. He is not hammering the runs the way he used to with his unique Nike and MRF blade, repetitive mistakes and no remedies for correcting his stance and technique; a die-hard fan thinks to know will the old “Beast” will come back and rule the ranking sheets or is this the end; a tragic one I must say. 



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