June 13, 2024

Are you looking for the best selfie stick for iPhone? Yes, you are at the right place. We have categorized different iPhone selfie sticks for your iPhone to make sure that you never miss out on the opportunity to record yourself at your desired places.

It is a must-have gadget for those users who are interested in photography, videography, vlogging, or traveling. Selfie stick makes it easier for you to capture a holistic view with ease.

You can even use it in different parties and gatherings. It can be challenging to pick up a perfect selfie stick from various options available in the market or on Amazon. But, we have spent hours making sure that our reviews can help you pick the most suitable selfie stick for your iPhone.

A thorough examination makes sure that every product we review is the best one for you. There are different kinds of selfie sticks for different adventures and events. In this article, the 6 best selfie sticks for iPhone are reviewed and selected as top-performing for iPhone users. Review the article and make the best choice regarding your selfie stick.

Alodrely Waterproof Selfie Stick

Our first choice for the tech-savvy guys is the Alodrely waterproof selfie stick. This is your partner while hiking, going on a trip north, or capturing selfies underwater. This selfie stick will cherish your memories with its compatibility and reliability. 

It can extend to 24 inches easily and can be used for taking underwater selfies. The maximum depth under which it operates is 17 feet. You can go on a live stream with this selfie stick and record videos with your friends and family.

Making memories was never that easy! The selfie stick is made up of aluminum alloy and it is easy to carry for you on different trips. The product comes with a wireless remote that performs seven different functions. It is easy to use since it is lightweight, compatible, and perfect for traveling around the globe. Yes, we know what you are thinking.

Battery timing? With this button battery, enough power is provided to you to click more than 900 images. This selfie stick comes with 360° rotation through which you can unleash your creativity and capture eye-catching pictures and videos.  Alodrely’s waterproof selfie stick must be with you whenever you are going on a tour.

Please note that you will have to buy a separate waterproof case for the phone to use this selfie stick.

Tupwoon Selfie Stick

Where are you vloggers? We have brought one of the best vlogger selfie sticks for you. Those bloggers who are night riders, please check this amazing Tupwoon’s selfie stick. This device is unique since it does have a dedicated light at the top of the selfie stick. This will make sure that recording vlogs is not a problem in those environments where the light is a bit dim. Famous vloggers like selfie sticks with a light at the top to make sure that a moment is never missed. 

It is charged with a USB charging cable with a light more powerful than the flashlight of the iPhone. The weight of the selfie is 0.37lb as well and it folds up to 7 inches. The battery of the phone is not drained through this selfie stick. The brightness can also be adjusted as per the intensity of the natural light.

Stellar images can be captured on a beautiful beach in Maldives as well as raving through the night in Thailand with this Tupwoon selfie. It also comes with a wireless remote control which is detachable since a user can be facing any sort of issues with shaky hands. The battery capacity is 120mAh and the surprise comes now that on purchasing this selfie stick, you will also get a spare battery for emergency cases.

360-degree rotation and a tripod stand come with this handy Tupwoon’s selfie stick. It is a wonderful device to use for capturing moments. It is not only for iPhone users since it is compatible with different Android phones. A perfect gift for photography or videography lovers. Hurry up and grab your selfie stick. Do not forget to comment regarding the product.

Atumtek Selfie Stick

Your next vacation will be incomplete without a selfie stick for sure since Atumtek’s selfie stick is one of the best selfie sticks being reviewed. A selfie stick, with the highest quality material and design, is easy to carry due to its lightweight. The selfie stick also comes with a spring-based cell phone holder which is easier to use than the screw tightening system. It comes with different add-on features such as a shutter remote and tripod, keeping the user manual easy to use. The shake and drop test is passed with flying colors due to the extender.

The shape of the selfie stick is so sleek and smart which is similar to the electric toothbrush’s profile, making it easier to carry anywhere. It can fit into any luggage bag or backpack. The durability of the product matters the most which we were skeptical about due to its low weight but we were amazed that the quality was extremely good when tested on various tours.

While looking at extension features, it can be extended more than 31 inches which is way more than normal products which we are discussing in this review article.

The option is compatible with cell phone photographers and cannot be used for other models of professional cameras. It fits best with the iPhone and can be kept alongside you every time.

Fugetek Selfie Stick for iPhone

Often professional photographers require top-notch quality tripod functionality and resilience. In this modern era, where there are several options, Reviewvibe brings the best among the rest when it comes to selfie sticks with a quality tripod stand. We are now going to review Fugetek’s selfie stick which has an all-in-one function. There are two editions but we recommend our readers to get the one with a tripod as well as a quadrapod stand to make interactive videos. This selfie stick is recommended to those who love capturing or recording videos.

Due to the hyped-up vertical video trend, people record videos to publish them on different vertical video-supported platforms like TikTok, YouTube shorts, Snapchat, and Instagram Reels. A selfie stick helps a videographer to capture amazing moments and record videos with any blurriness even if they are having issues maintaining a fixed posture. 

The selfie stick device is adaptable for iPhones and Android smartphones too. Another unique feature of this product is that it is feasible for point-and-shoot cameras too. We recommend our viewers get their hands on this selfie stick and enjoy their videography sessions without any issues.

The selfie stick has flexible legs with flip locks, the feel is made of a material which is anti-slip, making sure that the stand never slips while recording and the heads are adjustable as per the photographer’s requirement. 

There are three different heights at which you can use the selfie sticks 19,31 and 51 inches. For capturing landscape group selfies, this selfie stick is useful. Wireless bluetooth remote works till 100 ft which means you can leave the remote for shooting. Similarly, the standby time of the selfie stick is 3 years. Isn’t it amazing? The only con that we figured out is that it is bulky which might not attract different users to stimulate their purchase intent.

Erligpowht Phone Tripod

Since we are reviewing the best selfie stick for iPhone, the Erligpowht tripod is a well-built design with specialized tripod legs. Interestingly, this tripod stand is made up of feasible rubber material which helps the photographer to attach it to any tree branches. 

The size of this tripod stand is considerably small compared to its functions. In this selfie stick, different sizes of cameras can be attached with the help of screw diameters. An angle adjuster is important in this review to be discussed since the screw tightener keeps the ball joint secure due to mobility. 

The only con that our team observed in this whole scenario is that it has zero extension. The major drawback of this iPhone selfie stick is that there is no extension available which gave us a tough time in testing this product. The product was not optimally utilized as it is a handheld model.

One of the most important features is bendable legs which provide better capturing and recording options. But height is an important feature since due to the unavailability of extension, it might be difficult to record video on the heights. Travelers or photographers who require a stand in less space can opt for this option.


There are different selfie sticks in the market which can be a good option at first instance but it is always important to review the products first and then buy them. On Amazon, different selfie sticks are available and we have chosen these five for our interested users to select from these five.  Different models have been reviewed and tested before writing about it. The pros and cons of every model are discussed in detail. We are hopeful that our final thoughts on these products will enable you to buy a product. Do let us know about your precious feedback so we can keep bringing different reviews regarding different products. Happy recording guys!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why use a selfie stick with an iPhone?

A selfie stick extends your reach for better photo angles, wider shots, and group selfies, enhancing your iPhone photography experience.

Q: Are all selfie sticks compatible with iPhones?

No, it’s essential to choose a selfie stick specifically designed for iPhones to ensure compatibility with the device’s features.

Q: What features should I consider when selecting a selfie stick for my iPhone?

Look for features like Bluetooth connectivity, adjustable length, sturdy build, and compatibility with your iPhone model.

Q: Does the blog article recommend specific selfie stick brands?

Yes, the blog article provides recommendations for the best selfie stick brands that are compatible and reliable for iPhones.

Q: Can I use a selfie stick with the iPhone’s front and rear cameras?

Most selfie sticks allow you to switch between front and rear cameras, offering flexibility for different photo and video scenarios.

Q: Are there selfie sticks with additional features, such as remote control?

Yes, some selfie sticks come with remote controls, allowing you to capture photos or start/stop videos without touching your iPhone.

Q: Can I use a selfie stick for video recording on my iPhone?

Yes, many selfie sticks are designed for both photo and video recording, providing stability for capturing high-quality videos.

Q: Are there budget-friendly options for iPhone-compatible selfie sticks?

The blog article discusses a range of selfie sticks, including budget-friendly options that offer good value for iPhone users.

Q: Will using a selfie stick drain my iPhone battery quickly?

No, using a selfie stick typically has minimal impact on battery life, especially if it connects via Bluetooth for short durations.

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