July 16, 2024
Convert picture to PDF

Normally the images you capture on your iPhone are in different image formats like HEIC, PNG & JPEG, etc. Usually, all of these formats are compatible with almost all the devices but sometimes you need to convert pictures to PDF on an iPhone for some other purposes. Sometimes you have to save photos in PDF for paper work, documentation or to present images in different presentations. Therefore we have this guide which will help you in different ways to convert picture to PDF on iPhone without App.

Method 1: Convert Picture to PDF on iPhone by Print Option

Converting a picture to PDF on an iPhone using the Print option can be a useful feature, especially when you want to create a document that combines multiple images or when you need to share a picture in a format that is easily viewable across different devices. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do this:

  1. First, go to Photos and Open.
  2. Choose the multiple pictures or the one you want to convert to PDF.
  3. Tap the Share button and choose Print. 
This is the 1st method to convert photo to pdf on iphone with print option

4. You will see the preview of all the pictures on a single page. 

5. Tap and hold that specific page for the preview. 

6. Now Tap the image again to select the share icon.

7. Tap the share option and save it to the files on your phone.

This is the final step image for converting photo to PDF in iphone with print option

Note: If you select multiple images then it will create a single PDF file containing all the images.

Method 2: Convert Pictures to PDF in Files App on iPhone

This is a great option for turning images to PDF files which are editable as well. These PDFs will be saved to your iCloud and can be synced across other devices.

To convert a specific single image to PDF on iPhone

  1. Open files.
  2. Press on the image for 2 to 3 seconds 
  3. Select Quick Actions and Create a PDF
This is the 1st step to convert photos to pdf by using files app method on iphone

To convert multiple images to PDF on iPhone

  1. Launch the Files Tap the More (…) button and then select.
  2. Choose the images to convert into PDF
  3. Tap More (…) at the bottom right and select PDF.
This is the last step to convert photos to pdf by using files app method on iphone

In this way, the created PDF files will be saved to the same folder as the images.

Method 3: Convert pictures to PDF through the Books App on iPhone

  1. Open Photos
  2. Select the pictures that you want to share and tap Share.
  3. Select Books from the Apps shown below.
This is the 1st step to convert photos to pdf by using Books app method on iphone

4. The pictures will be converted into PDF documents saved in Books App.

5. To share the PDF files, go to Books App.

6. Tap More (…) under the file and Share PDF.

7. Choose the option you want to share your file and share. 

This method essentially uses the Books app as a means to convert pictures to PDF. The PDF is created when you share the images to the Books app. Keep in mind that the steps might vary slightly depending on your iOS version, so adapt accordingly if you are using a different version of iOS according to the iPhone help center.

Method 4: Convert the picture to PDF on iPhone without APP by using the Shortcut app

  1. Open Shortcuts and Tap the Add (+) button.
  2. Select New Shortcut and Tap Rename.

3. Type your new name and Select Done.

4. Tap Add Action → Choose Photo App → Tap Select Photos.

5. Tap the download arrow and Select Multiple to convert multiple images to PDF.

6. Tap the search bar below and go to the Categories tab.

7. Select Media and Tap to Convert Image. 

8. Now tap JPEG and replace it with PDF.

9. Again Tap the Search Bar – Go to Apps tab – Select Files

This is the 1st step to convert photos to pdf by using Books app method on iphone

10. Choose Save File and Select Done.

If you always convert pictures to PDF, you will benefit from this method as it will save you time and effort. It seems complex but it is straightforward.

This method allows you to convert pictures to PDF without using a dedicated app, and you can customize the shortcut to suit your specific needs. Keep in mind that the steps and available actions may vary depending on your iOS version, so adapt accordingly if you are using a different version of iOS.

Method 5: Take pictures and convert them to PDF in Notes

In iPhone, you cannot directly convert photos to PDFs through notes but there is a method with which you can scan the documents with notes and later on convert them to PDF.

Follow these easy steps to convert your photos to PDF on your iPhone:

  1. Go to the Notes App.
  2. Tap the camera and capture the photo.
  1. Select Use Photo.
  1. Tap the Share Icon and select Print → Choose the pages you want to convert into PDF.
  2. Go to the Share Button and send it to others or open it on another app.

What is the reason for converting images to PDF?

To convert photos into PDF has many usabilities and benefits. Let’s explore these:

Formatting Preservation: 

The original format remains intact when you convert images to PDF. This is quite useful when you want to share your data with specific captions and layouts.

Security and Protection:

You can encrypt your PDFs with passwords to keep them protected and safe.

Easily Printable:

If you want high-quality printing of your images, converting photos to PDFs is the perfect option.


We have summed up all the methods to convert photo into PDF on iPhone without any App. We are sure that these methods are going to help you a lot. But obviously, the choice is all yours which method is suitable for you. Let us know about your preference in the comment section!

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