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Apple users have been facing the battery drain issue but have you ever heard of your iPhone 12 not charging when plugged in? Your iPhone 12 might have been through this rough phase where your phone stops charging but since the name indicates, we have brought 12 useful ways to make sure that your iPhone starts charging by implementing one of the remedies.

Undoubtedly, Apple’s iPhone 12 is a remarkable device that has been praised for its sleek design, state-of-the-art features, and astonishing performance all around the globe. With every single phone launch, Apple makes sure that their users are more into their models rather than encountering issues but in iPhone 12, various users have been through these charging issues. We understand that it is frustrating for the users and to ease our readers, we are here with 12 different ways to fix your iPhone’s 12 charging issues. Let’s dig deep into the solutions and fix your problems right away.

Common Charging Issues Encountered by iPhone 12

There are different reasons why iPhone users are facing issues with their charging. These issues are identified and tested multiple times to overcome the problems. These issues are listed below.

Damaged Charging Port Issues

  • There are different occasions when users have encountered the problem of charging port issues. These might occur when a phone is not handled with care or falls from a specific height. It might hurt the charging port which results in non-charging events.
  • Similarly, another important issue that has been detected is clogging in the charging port which occurs due to debris, dust, or any sort of accumulation in the charging port. We have got you covered here with a simple solution
  • In such cases, the port must be cleaned thoroughly with a soft brush. Compressed air can also be used but you must avoid using vacuum or hair dryers for cleaning.
  • Avoid using a wet cloth for cleaning thoroughly. Always use brush or compressed air and also refrain from inserting any other object in the port that will hurt your port and malfunction.

Using Defective or Faulty Chargers

  • A lot of users have reported that due to using low-quality or defective chargers, their iPhone 12 has stopped working. It happens when the port does not detect the original charging cable or adapter which results in damage to the port permanently.
  • Similarly, if an electricity supply is not consistent, the charging port is frayed and your phone will stop charging.
  • Always use original chargers and charging cables. In case you observe a charging cable with defects, use tape to cover uncovered patches to use it authentically. It is advised by experts to use original Apple products for smooth function of the phone.

Applications Causing Charging Limits

  • Third-party applications are harmful in many ways to your phone which is why the iPhone never allows you to download any third-party application.
  • Always use App Store products since some users used jailbreak techniques to download third-party software which resulted in limiting the charging of the battery and stopping charging on occasions when the battery was critically low.
  • The solution is simple, uninstall the applications that are from a third-party provider and you will observe a smooth functioning with your charging resumed again as it was earlier.
  • Research before installing such applications to avoid any mishaps regarding your charging and device’s optimization.

Overheating Problems

  • Overheating problems occur when a phone is heavily used for a long period. While recording videos, playing heavy games, charging with non-recommended cables, or covering the phone with bulky phone covers, made up of bad quality. These can stimulate the phone’s heating since the iPhone sends a signal through heating that the phone is not functioning properly due to any of these issues.
  • It is recommended that do not use your phone excessively for a long time period.
  • Refrain from using the phone while charging and close all background applications including location feature and camera.
  • Allow the phone to cool down for a while before putting it on charging in case any such signal is being sent from the iPhone.

Moisture Damage

  • Moisture is another reason that triggers the liquid detection system of the iPhone 12. This feature is designed to protect the users. In case of events where the phone’s liquid detection system is triggered when exposed to a monstrous environment. Your phone will stop charging if it gets any such signal.
  • The solution is simple but you have to be quick. Power off your phone in such cases and dry it with a soft cloth. It is advised that you should dry your phone for a few hours until there is no moisture. After assurance, charge your phone with your original Apple product.

Software Lagging

  • Our users have also reported incidents when they have not updated their iOS versions, their phone performance dropped and started lagging. Similarly, it also starts slow charging or no charging at all
  • To cater to this problem, one must make sure that the phone is updated with the latest iOS software, and a force restart mechanism must be implemented to revive the performance of the iPhone.

How to reset iPhone 12 when it won’t charge?

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to General Settings
  3. Tap on Reset
  4. Erase all content and Settings
  5. Tap Erase iPhone

Troubleshoot Problems and its Solutions

There are different troubleshooting problems which are explained in detail what sort of issues a user can encounter.

  • The iPhone might not switch on in case of complete battery drainage and it takes some time for the phone to charge itself. It is always recommended that a user not let his phone battery die since it impacts the overall battery health. Similarly, press the volume button and power button to forcefully start your phone else it will automatically start after gaining enough battery.
  • Charging ports often do not detect one side of the charging cable. It is advised that the user must clean the charging port with a soft brush and also change the sides of their charging cable to charge the phone. Always change your charging cable in case you encounter this specific issue.

Solutions to Avoid Battery Issues in iPhone 12

  1. The top trending issue faced by our valuable users is decreased battery health and malfunction while charging the iPhone 12. It occurs due to excessively charging the phone through your car’s battery. It is important to look out for the proper USB port, check its voltage capacity, and then use it for charging that too in emergency cases. Always use original Apple products.
  2. Using the iPhone while charging it through a power bank is another mistake that users commit since they are not aware of this technical issue. Never use your phone while charging and use power banks for only emergency purposes rather than using it daily.
  3. It is recommended by the experts that never charge your phone more than 85%. The device can also automatically stop charging after 80 or 85% if you enable a feature of limiting the charging to only 80%, you will not encounter such issues.
  4. To avoid rapid battery drainage, always close all background applications and avoid using Bluetooth, airdrop, and other sharing features when you are not using any of these, which will result in increasing the performance of the battery.
  5. Always use the company’s recommended wireless chargers. Due to counterfeit products’ availability in the market, often users buy a wireless charger which is not optimal for the iPhone 12 or 12 Pro Max. Always visit the Apple store to buy wireless chargers since third-party chargers often do not comply with the iPhone’s charging.

Strategies for Avoiding Charging Problems in iPhone 12

  1. To protect your phone from facing any charging port issues, never remove or insert the cable hard. Always gently use charging cables for the long-lasting performance of your phone. Similarly, avoid staying in a moist environment which might have an impact on charging performance.
  2. Always charge your phone when it is lower than 20%. Consistent low battery usage results in drainage problems of batteries. It is also advised to stop charging your phone after 80%.
  3. Use only Apple-recommended chargers and charging cables. In case you are tech-savvy and want to use wireless chargers, buy it only from Apple and avoid using third-party chargers no matter what they claim. iOS system is designed differently and it is only for original products.


IPhone 12 or Pro Max is one of the finest devices when it comes to performance. Though, there are multiple occasions where the phone stops charging it is not a system issue. The main issue is with the usage of the phone which impacts the performance of the phone. Always use original products and avoid using counterfeit products. Similarly, follow the complete guide which is provided above, and still, if you encounter any problem, we are more than happy to assist you in resolving your problem. Enjoy using your phone optimally since it is the world’s finest smartphone device ever produced in terms of design and performance. In case of any confusion, we are just an email away from you to provide you with useful remedies regarding your phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is my iPhone 12 not charging when plugged in?

Several factors could contribute, including issues with the charging cable, adapter, or the phone itself. This blog provides troubleshooting tips.

Q: What should I do if my iPhone 12 is not charging?

Start by checking the charging cable and adapter, try a different outlet, and ensure there’s no debris in the charging port. Detailed steps are available in this blog.

Q: Is it a common issue for iPhone 12 models not to charge?

Charging issues can occur, but they’re not extremely common. The blog addresses potential causes and solutions.

Q: Could a faulty charging cable be the reason for the issue?

Yes, a damaged or faulty charging cable can prevent proper charging. The blog suggests checking the cable and trying a different one.

Q: What if changing the cable doesn’t solve the problem?

The blog provides additional steps to troubleshoot, including inspecting the charging port, restarting the iPhone, and checking for software updates.

Q: Could a software issue be causing the charging problem?

Yes, outdated software or glitches can impact charging. The blog suggests updating iOS and offers troubleshooting steps.

Q: Should I attempt to fix the charging issue myself?

The blog provides DIY troubleshooting tips, but if the issue persists, it’s advisable to seek a professional assistance.

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