Shopify Review 2018: Is It Really the Best Online Store Platform?

Shopify Review 2018: Is It Really the Best Online Store Platform?

Getting a business started online is one thing. Realizing every vision and goal for it is another.
Entrepreneurs a few years back didn’t have the power to get started as easily, especially startups that didn’t have thousands of dollars to spend on website development, search engine optimization, content management and all the other things that involve setting up an online store and getting it running smoothly.

Making the matters worse, they had to spend on every single tool – logo maker, slogan maker, photos and business names, to name a few, just to get things going – in progress – for their online business.
And it’s not only that they had to shell out a fortune just to get started selling online and reaching customers from every corner of the globe, but they also had to deal with every project stage and development, manage staff, monitor progress and so on…all taking too much time.

You could just imagine the stress setting up an online store comes with, and all those people you should hire for the perfect theme, content setup, website building and a whole lot of stuff before you could FINALLY launch your store.

You don’t need to go through that frustrating journey. Just Use Shopify. 

Shopify Review 2017: Is It Really the Best Online Store Platform?

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Shopify Review 2017: Is It Really the Best Online Store Platform?

What is Shopify?

It’s the leading online store builder used by more than 500,000 online shops AND COUNTING… and for reasons. Through the years, it has helped entrepreneurs make more than $40B of sales online.

Success stories from real e-commerce entrepreneur:

Shopify Review 2017: Is It Really the Best Online Store Platform? Shopify Review 2017: Is It Really the Best Online Store Platform?

“Is it for me? I know nothing about technology.”

YES, it’s for you, regardless you’re starting a web store or introducing your brick-and-mortar store to more customers worldwide. Shopify has troubleshot every single aspect of technology for you – and all you need is to focus on other important areas of your business.

Shopify is for users who don’t have design and technical skills needed to set up an online store, meaning you don’t have to hire a website developer or a design agency as well. If you’re an experienced user, Shopify also lets you edit CSS and HTML for more control over the template designs.

“Do I need a web hosting for my site?”

No. You do not need to buy a web hosting or install software onto servers. Just choose from the wide collection of templates available, customize your theme, add products, use online store apps and add a shopping cart button – and start selling in minutes, regardless if you’re selling digital or physical goods.

“Maybe it’s expensive to use Shopify with all these features.”

It’s not really expensive. In fact, you can cut cost by more than half versus setting an online store from scratch. You can also choose from different plans suitable for your budget, goals and preferences.

  • Shopify Lite $9
  • Basic Shopify $29
  • Shopify $79
  • Advanced Shopify $299
  • Shopify Plus – negotiable fees

*Charged monthly.

Sign up Shopify using the link below and try Shopify free for 14 days. No risk, and no credit card required. 

Shopify Review 2017: Is It Really the Best Online Store Platform?

“What do I get?”

Shopify lets you sell in a more cost-effective manner online.

Get started with the Lite package to see how it works and helps you make big profit with an unlimited number of products to sell, and then upgrade to a higher package for more features and benefits later. The Shopify Lite plan lets you sell through their FB page and gives you an access to the BUY BUTTON to sell goods on your blog or website.

Move up to higher plans and take advantage of a hosted online store, with an unlimited bandwidth and storage space – all from the Basic Shopify, Shopify or Advanced Shopify plan.

Shopify Review 2017: Is It Really the Best Online Store Platform?

“Any other differences I should know?”

All plans starting from the Shopify plan gives you access to the professional reporting feature. Each also comes with the abandoned cart recovery for automatically emailing users who almost completed an order. Following through, you have the chance to persuade them to complete the purchase. The “Gift Cards” option is also available for these plans.

If you want all those plus a real time carrier shipping, use the Advanced Plan. For staff accounts, giving you full control over your team, each given permission in order to restrict and control their access to sensitive customer data, is available from the Basic Shopify (2 staff accounts); Shopify, 5; and Advanced, 15.

“What’s this Shopify Plus?”

This is the ENTERPRISE GRADE solution for big businesses (for you too if you’re looking to build a business empire online). The plan offers 100% advanced features on APIs, security and fulfillment.

“I don’t want to pay monthly. I am just too busy to deal with that.”

You don’t have to! Shopify lets you settle your account payment on an annual or bi-annual basis. Plus, you’ll receive 10% on an annual basis payment or 20% discount on the biennial plan.

So if you’re satisfied with your FREE TRIAL or monthly subscription, there’s no thinking twice but to upgrade and pay once or twice a year – and get the discount. Just imagine how much you’d save if you’re opting for the biennial or annual plan pricing structure.

“I want a fully customizable theme for my business.”

Sign up now and get instant access to 10 free templates – each with different variants, meaning more design options. Each is also fully responsive to adapt and work nicely across devices. Or you can use a paid or premium theme (48 in all – each with different design variants).

Go to the THEME Store > Browse templates (e.g. According home page type, industry, layout style…) > SELECT > Customize

**All templates are business-ready and modern, no complaints whatsoever.

Shopify Review 2017: Is It Really the Best Online Store Platform?

“Okay, but then how do I receive payments?”

You can accept two ways of accepting credit card payments.

1. Shopify payment: it’s the built-in payment system powered by STRIPE. With it, you don’t need to pay for a transaction fee, although credit card rates may still apply (e.g. 1.6%, 2.2%). The fee depends on your plan.

2. Third party payment gateway: You can use it to process credit card transactions – more than 70. Take note using it will require configuration, like setting up a merchant account with the payment gateway service. There is also a transaction fee, varying from one to another, involved. Shopify will also charge a transaction fee between 0.5% and 2%, varying from plan to plan. A higher plan means a lower transaction fee, though.

**Shopify Payments are only for users from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland and Puerto Rico. More countries will be available soon.

But adding a payment gateway suitable for your location is easier with Shopify than competitors do, not to mention it accepts more than 70. It won’t become a problem using a payment gateway service.

“I have a physical store too, how about that?”

Shopify lets you choose from different POS options and kit, meaning you can sell not only online but also in physical stores, provided you’d use an Android or iOS device. If you’re from Canada or the US, you can also get a FREE credit card reader for your mobile device.

With the POS kit, you can run your business both on the web and in your physical store. The POS kit comes with a cash drawer, a card reader, a receipt printer and a barcode scanner. You can get these items as a package or individually. If you have a card reader, you can also use it.

Shopify Review 2017: Is It Really the Best Online Store Platform?

Best Shopify Features You Should Not Miss


Guides: Drop shipping has never been this easier! Use the Drop Shipping Guide and learn how to build an online shopping platform that grows with you. It covers everything to know about drop shipping. That’s not all! Shopify has a collection of guides to up your business knowledge. A few of the titles are A Legal Guide to E-commerce, Facebook Advertising for E-commerce Entrepreneurs and The Ultimate Guide to Crowdfunding.

Videos: Learn from educational videos to help you become more successful, walking you through the entire process of running your online store. An example is the E-commerce SEO 101 Video Series, which is composed of seven videos for practice advice in getting started with SEO.

Podcasts: Listen to podcasts and build your strategies and techniques for e-commerce business and marketing.

Success Stories: Check out how others succeed and feel inspired.

Forums: Shopify features community news, announcements, and different topics, including an e-commerce, enterprise commerce, feedback on my store, e-commerce marketing and so many more!

Free Tools: Explore the tools, including a logo maker, a slogan maker, Terms and conditions generator and a business name generator… and a whole lot more. Everything you need to get started is here, definitely.

Free Stock Photos: Worry not about photos for any project, as Shopify gets you covered. Download FREE Photos for your new project.

Websites for Sale: Do you want to start right away? Browse from more than a thousand of websites for sale and find a new home for your online shop.

App Store: Use apps and power your business further. A few are Instant SEO, PushOwl and Discounted Up-sells.

Theme Store: Do you need inspiration? Find it at the Theme Store! Search our wide collection of themes for your e-commerce store. Both free and paid themes are available.

Experts: Get help on how to launch and develop your online business perfect from the setup experts located in your area, such as in Brooklyn, Toronto, Ottawa and Sydney, and more!

Need Products To Sell? Find products to sell and let Oberlo add it to your store directly! It will hold the products for you, so there’s no need to rent a warehouse or fill your garage with the stuffs you’re selling.

Shopify Review 2017: Is It Really the Best Online Store Platform?

Ways to Sell

Online Store: Find everything you’ll need to start selling online without the vast range of tools to find in the online store platform.

Create a store and launch your brand with the store builder. Plus, Shopify features mobile ready themes, so it won’t matter what device your customers are using in shopping. It also supports more than 70 payment gateways and has a built-in inventory, meaning you no need to do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

Shopify POS: Accept credit card payment anytime, no matter where your buyers are in the world. Shopify POS also processes refunds or text or email customers their receipts – in short – simplify the operations!

Retail Package: Take advantage of this feature and sell in store with this upgrade, which include but not limited to hardware integration, staff management and payment recording.

Buy Button: Add embeddable products to any blog or site – including your favorite or best-selling collections. You can also add a shopping cart that’s customized for your brand.

Facebook Shop: Do you want to integrate Shopify on your business’ Facebook page? That’s easy! With only one click, your products, along with details, inventory and images will be synced automatically – and in real time as you update your store. Grow your reach and increase profits with this powerful shopping store now.

Facebook Messenger: With this feature, customers can browse and buy your offers via the Messenger app! Its integration with your shop also helps you create personalized connection with customers – as communication is made easier and faster using one thread.

Enterprise: Full customization and control – it’s another thing that makes Shopify the favorite among 2500+ of the world’s fast growing brands! Using the online store platform, you can take advantage of a multichannel platform – that grows as you do.

Shopify Review 2017: Is It Really the Best Online Store Platform?

Final Thoughts

There’s no other business solution like Shopify! It comes complete with the features and functions you’d need to get your online store up and running fast! Sell on Shopify and simplify the entire process.


  • Fully customizable online store, website and blog.
  • Unlimited customer data, product inventory and bandwidth.
  • Sell on Amazon and Pinterest.
  • Automate the order fulfillment process using any of the shipping apps on the platform.
  • Accept payments from more than 70 gateways.
  • 24/7 support and help center.

Unleash your business potentials online, reach millions of customers, build a brand and make huge profits – all with a solid, smart selling platform – that lets you take charge of your business with ease. This time around, you can mind and attend to other important business areas and let Shopify do the hard work for you.



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