Viddyoze Live Action Video Animations Software Product Review

Video marketing has never been this easy and smart! In the past, we had to hire an entire production team, a scriptwriter, and a director and so on just to create viral videos, business intros and product/service videos, not to mention the lenggthhhyy process involved.

Spending on those isn’t a joke. Often, it takes a huge chunk of our marketing budget (ouch!). But what would you do if you’d find web-based video software that lets you create video clips in minutes? Would you miss the chance? None of us would. So, we’re excited to share the cool software we’ve discovered with you – Viddyoze.

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Viddyoze Live Action Video Animations Software Product Review

Watch the Demo Video Below:

Viddyoze Live Action Video Animations Software Product Review


Viddyoze Live Action Video Animations Software Product Review

What is Viddyoze?

Created by Joey Xoto and his team, Viddyoze was launched back in 2015 and since then became a massive hit among internet marketers. There’s no wonder on that, though.

This 3D animation software lets us create professional-looking animations and special effects for an intro, social action, segway, or a call to action (buy, subscribe, download…). With an internet connection (no download needed), you can access your account, no matter where you are, seriously.

So at the very least, you’d just select a template, modify it to suit your taste and message (requires clicking some buttons) and there – you’d get your animated sequence for your business or personal video.

[How easy is having all the animation clips and videos in your account and selecting what you want for download?]

And because it requires no download or installation, you save on hardware space on your PC or MAC. You always have the cloud-based files handy to download only when you need one as well.
Let’s have you walked through it. (Believe me, it won’t be a “maze” we’re getting into here.)

Viddyoze Live Action Video Animations Software Product ReviewHow does it work? 

With your account set up, you’ll receive your username and password. Log into your account and get to your dashboard where to find the types of content categorized smoothly – intro/outro, logo stinger, call to action, rendering, social and miscellaneous or all.

Each of the clips has its unique properties and details – video title, duration, creation date as well as an option for download and play button to preview. For simple operation, it also has the SELECT ALL or DELETE ALL integrated in to the system as well.

When done tweaking a clip, you can download the file using any of the following formats,

  • 3GPP2
  • 3GPP
  • MPEG-4
  • MP4
  • WEBM

Easy and Simple Steps.

Choose from the templates available according to what you want to create –animation styles, including CTA, logo stinger, social or outro. You can also preview each of the clips before creating a video with Viddyoze. So the very simple steps are:

  1. Select a template.
  2. Customize the clip.
  3. Save and confirm your change.
  4. See automatic rendering.

When done customizing the video, you can click FINISH to proceed to the next step in which you can review the settings and information you’ve selected. Once you’ve made the changes, you have to check for the correct image (if making a logo) and that there is no spelling mistake. If you did want to make a couple of adjustments, you can go back and customize.

When done and ready to create the video, you just click on the BUILD VIDEO on your screen. The tool will start working and rendering the clip in the background. The most exciting part is that you can check the clip, which should be now available in the MY VIDEOS tab.

See the live progress in the clip rendering to check on things like “how much it is taking to process a section” of the clip. (*Varies based on the length of your video) Viddyoze does the work fast and delivers your video almost in an instant versus other video creation methods like hiring an entire production team. Once the video is processed, you can download in the format desired.

Now, let’s look into certain points….

By getting an account with the platform, you just need to create you account with your name, email address and password, and then key in the JV Zoo receipt ID.

Customizing a video clip, you won’t need technical skills because everything you’d need is already on the dashboard, which is well organized and intuitive. On the left, we could easily see the categories, and choose one of the templates available under each.

One-time payment – say no to monthly subscription bills with the platform. So aside from ease of use is top money savings. If you’re an internet marketer promoting multiple products and services, you can just imagine the amount of money to spend if you’re using videos for campaigns – and that’s another thing you’ll love about Viddyoze. It charges a one-time payment and you’ll get a lifetime service.

Viddyoze Live Action Video Animations Software Product Review

Organizing your videos is also very easy. Find all them in MY VIDEOS and download any of them when needed. There is no need to store the animation video clips or wonderful things you’ve created with the platform on your PC.

Professional and great-looking videos in no time are another thing that you’ll love about Viddyoze. These videos let you bring out your creative side by customizing the video all you want before sharing it with the world. Get studio-quality videos in a flash and impress people with your video skills.

A web-based platform means you can customize and share videos anywhere, anytime. No matter you’re in a remote place or out of the office, it’s not going to be a problem. And because it is online-based, it also means no installation of bulky software on your PC.

A wide range of templates is available. Pay once and get access to 92 video templates coming with unlimited rendering number that you can customize for marketing or selling. Yes, that’s right! You can sell animation videos you’ve created with the tool and make money out of it.

Viddyoze Live Action Video Animations Software Product Review

Final Thoughts.

Video marketing hasn’t gotten this cool! By far, Viddyoze is the only easy-to-use and smart video creation tool that’s proves to be a big help for us. It does charge a one-time payment, offers 92 templates and has all the exciting features all for our taking.

Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance. If you’ve not looked into the video creation platform, it is high time you do it now for that competitive edge in video marketing. So, is Viddyoze legit or scam? In our opinion, it’s worth to try it out. They offer a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee! So, take the next step and sign up by clicking the link below:

Viddyoze Live Action Video Animations Software Product Review

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Viddyoze Live Action Video Animations Software Product Review Viddyoze Live Action Video Animations Software Product Review Viddyoze Live Action Video Animations Software Product Review Viddyoze Live Action Video Animations Software Product Review

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Viddyoze Live Action Video Animations Software Product Review


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Viddyoze Live Action Video Animations Software Product Review

Sign Up Viddyoze Live Action Video Animations Software and start building creative and viral videos for you marketing campaign.

Viddyoze Live Action Video Animations Software Product Review

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