June 13, 2024

Since September is approaching, new scary movies are coming out. Fans around the globe are excited about new horror releases with mind-crushing concepts and terrific cinematography. Everyone appreciates new stories with brilliant ideas in a diverse cinematic world rather than typical old-school thoughts and movies based on such concepts. Review Vibe brings you their most exciting horror movies list for this year’s new releases. We have jotted down the top 05 horror movies one by one. Do not forget to watch each and every scary movie from the list and get ready for chill and thrill with desires fulfilled.

All Fun and Games

All fun and games is the new scary movie coming out. The main star cast of the horror movie is show -  A possessed girl with the haunted spirit.

Our first pick for this horror season is “All Fun and Games”. In this horror thriller, a group of teenagers mysteriously find a knife. This knife looks simple but the thrilling factor is that it is cursed. Yes, you have thought it right, this cursed knife releases a demon which then, upon release, forces the teens to play childhood games with them. Interestingly, these games are not one’s average childhood games but are horrible and deadliest versions of their childhood games and the chilling factor is that there are no winners in those games, only survivors. Director Ari Costa and Erin Celeboglu are confident of their new horror movie release. “All Fun and Games” have a star-studded cast including Laurel Marsden, Natalia Dyer Asa Butterfield, and many others. It indicates that the upcoming horror movie is a good horror movie.

Watch the trailer here!

The Nun 2

The Nun 2 is the sequel of the Nun movie and in its poster a haunted Nun is shown. This is one of the new scary movies coming out.

In our second pick of upcoming horror movies in cinema, we have “The Nun 2”. This movie is considered one of the scariest movies of all time. The story of this movie goes back to 1956 in France where a priest is murdered. Now, after that, evil is spreading. The prequel of “The Nun 2” was “The Nun” which was a blockbuster scariest movie in the list of top horror movies of all time. This slasher movie involves Sister Irene as she confronts the demon nun, known as Valak. Face-to-face battle brings the deadliest fights in this horror watch. A phenomenal direction by Micheal Chaves is expected to beat the records of previous horror films and become one of the scariest movies of all time. Do not forget to have popcorn fun in the cinemas!

Watch the trailer here!

Saw X

Saw X is the new upcoming horror movie and in its poster a man is crying with two separated fingers pressed in his eyes.

At number three, we do have Saw X which is one of the true scary movies to watch. connected with scams. In Saw X, an individual, named John Kramer, is traveling to Mexico to get treatment for his disease. He is suffering from cancer and a promising procedure is being offered to John where an experiment will be performed on him to cure his illness. But he finds out in the experimentation stages that he is just prey for such a huge experimental scam. Now, those scammers are becoming the prey of the Jigsaw’s new game. Kevin Greutert’s direction is yet to be released in this year’s scariest horror films list. Let’s see how viewers especially horror movie lovers rate this dark movie and whether will it rank among the list of scariest movies in the world ever made.

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The Exorcist: Believer

The exorcist is one of the new scary movies coming out and in its poster a possessed girl is standing with the sign of cross in his hand.

While discussing the best horror films, The Exorcist franchise comes to mind. Famous horror movies are incomplete without this franchise. Coming towards the latest Exorcist releases, The Exorcist: Believer is a sequel to their previous film 1973, about a 12-year-old girl who is being influenced by the demonic entity. Demon horror movies have a great viewer base and in this spine-chilling movie, the demon possesses a girl who is mysterious and is yet to be recognized. This forces the mother of the girl to approach two priests to save her daughter. It is a thriller by all means in the top-rated scary movies. Anxiously wait for this top horror movie’s world masterpiece. Fingers crossed!

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Night Swim

Night swim is also in the list of upcoming horror movies and its poster has a woman swimming on the water while in the dark.

Are you afraid of water? Swimming? Or demons? Apparently, it is the perfect thing for you to watch to satisfy your horror movie craving. Night Swim comes at the top of the best slasher movies. While discussing paranormal activities, Night Swim is a must to mention since it is a story that is continued from the prequel Night Swim (2014), a short film that gained the attention of terrifying movie viewers. Director Bryce McGuire is directing a feature-length version of this horror short film. The whole horror story revolves around a woman swimming in her pool at night when she encounters an evil spirit—an essential pick among horror movies to watch.

Watch the trailer here!

For now, we have shortlisted the top 5 upcoming horror movies among the best horror movies. Please let us know about your favorite horror movies in the comments. Be right back with us for upcoming new films in the world of cinema.

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