June 13, 2024

It is often said that nothing is for free in this world and that is right which is why we are going to provide you with an ultimate solution regarding the best ad blocker for your iPhone in the world of advertising bombardment.

Understanding the mechanism of ads is to know that if someone is providing you with an application, or service or you are going to get anything informational from a browser such as Google, often you see a lot of advertisements in different ad orientations. It is because they are earning per impression. If you see an advertisement for 5 times, your impression count is 5 and they will get the money. But contrarily, it is often not appreciated since user attention is diverted as well and user interest might also be lost in advertised applications, websites, etc.

In this digitalized world, one cannot escape from the dire need to use applications and informational or entertainment websites. You are here because you might be looking for a solution about how to block ads on iPhone and that is why ReviewVibe is here to fix your problem of constant advertising to stimulate your browsing experience. Different pop-ups and intrusive ads often frustrate you and for this solution, we have a list of efficient and best ad blocker for iPhone devices.

Often ad blockers are also not up to the mark and can disturb you with their own advertisements or small pop-ups. Sometimes, it is observed that those ad blockers are also not working optimally. To overcome this challenging situation, we have tested and trialed different versions of ad blockers, and the best ad blocker for iPhone, iOS devices, and Mac are presented in this article with their key features. Explore the best ad blocker that suits your needs and get rid of abundant advertising.

Why do you need Ad Blockers?

Have you ever noticed that not all ads are for you? To make it easier, often ads are not tailored to your interests or are showing something explicit. In case you intentionally or mistakenly click on those ads, they are often the cause that your device halts or comes at risk of being hacked. User privacy is the biggest concern in this ever-growing technological and digital-dependent world. To outsmart these challenges, it is important to have a trusted and certified ad blocker in your device to keep your data and your browsing history safe.

List of Best Ad Blockers for iPhone

Different marketplaces have different ad blockers but here, in this article, we are going to provide you with information regarding those ad blockers which are ideal for your usage, and device and can assist you economically. Also, you do not have to worry about it since we have got you covered with those ad blockers too whose features are good and are free of cost. Fasten your seat belts and get ready to read a comprehensive guide on selecting the best ad blocker for your personal and professional use.

Here is an extensive list of the adblockers that qualified on our testing criteria and upon successful testing, these ad blockers are considered best for facilitating your online experience like a long drive on a sunny day.  Explore which one works best for your iPhone and Mac devices from the following.

  1. AdGuard
  2. KaBlock
  3. AdLock
  4. Wipr
  5. Avast Secure Browser

Avast Secure Browser: High-End Security with Built-in VPN Service

App store preview of Avast-best ad blocker of iPhone

I hope since childhood, you might have heard of this Avast at least once in your lifetime. Avast is providing ultimate security solutions against cyber threats and hacking attempts. Similarly, Avast is the most impactful anti-software in the world of digitalization. Small, medium, and large businesses are protecting their whole systems with unmatchable security features being provided by Avast. Now, comprehending the needs of the customers, Avast has come up with Avast Secure Browser which is an all-in-one solution for your web experience. It has a built-in Virtual Private Network (VPN) for your requirements to browse outside of your geo-restricted space and surf as much as you want. It is an ad blocker with a lot of other safety and security features mentioned in this guide.

  1. Built-In VPN Services: Avast Secure Browsing is known for its VPN services. Often online users must access different websites that are out of their geographical boundaries and are restricted geographically. To access these websites, often, users must install or purchase different VPN services and must separately integrate the VPN with their working schedule. To resolve this problem, VPN services are provided with the Adblocker.
  2. Intelligent User Interface: It is not rocket science when using Avast Secure Browsing due to its easy-to-navigate dashboard. Navigation is so simple that even a first-time user can operate it like a professional. No complex structures or lags are experienced in the ad blocker.
  3. Ad Blocking Tech: Different types of advertisements such as banners, pop-ups, and intrusive ads can interrupt your surfing experience. For resolving this issue, Avast Secure Browsing technology is exceptional and blocks every kind of ad and lets you access the content that you want to access.

Integration with iOS, Mac, iPhone, and iPad is not a problem with this useful tool. One can easily use this tool for blocking different ads and for access VPN services for personal and professional use.

  • Awesome Ad Blocking Technology
  • Work Efficiency is Great
  • Powerful Design
  • The free version does not have all the premium features
  • Avast Pro 1 month for 7.49$
  • Avast Pro 12 months for 19.99$

Wipr: Ultimate Solution for Block Ads Globally

Wipr- best ad blocker for iphone

While mentioning the list of ad blockers, it is integral to add Wipr to that list since it is a global ad blocker that never lets any ad bypass the system. Different state-of-the-art features are mentioned in this guide.

Accessible: Wipr is accessible to everyone and for every iOS no matter what version you are using, or which model is under your utilization. Perfection can be observed while utilizing this ad blocker. The users are present worldwide, and you do not require any sort of VPN service to access it. It is a wonderful tool to use from anywhere.

Security Measures: Wipr is encrypted professionally which can help in accessing different content without compromising your online security. Threats are blocked even before the user thinks about those threats. Third-party cookies and tracking are also blocked with this exceptional service.

Optimized Speed: Website loading speed and file uploading, downloading and optimization are the main concerns while installing an ad blocker. Wipr is proficient in managing the loading speed for the website which stimulates the browsing experience at every browser whether it is Google, Safari, or Firefox.

Wipr is designed to facilitate the surfing experience with a clutter-free and impressive UI/UX, the design, flow, and speed are optimized impressively. It is highly recommended to use this ad blocker for your devices.

  • User data privacy is a priority
  • It offers updates
  • It supports multiple languages
  • The latest iOS version is required
  • It offers weekly full access for 1.99$
  • Payment is one-time only.

KaBlock Ad Blocker: Open-Source Ad Blocker

Home page preview of Ka-Block

An open-source network ad blocker is also tested and provided to you. Reliable and trustworthy privacy protection for iPhone users is what KaBlock Ad Blocker helps. Features of KaBlock Ad Blocker are as follows.

Fast Track Browsing: Browsing must always be without internal lags. With this ad blocker, speed and experience are never compromised. Streamline browsing experience with no track record of cookies and third-party intruders who are always trying to track your online browsing history to advertise you with different ads but all thanks to this blocker that blocks every ad coming in the users’ way.

Privacy Concerned Blocker: Privacy is the utmost priority for this ad blocker. Different companies and trackers track your experience with cookies, scripts, and tracking tools. User privacy is compromised, and different potential leaks are experienced due to such trackers. Ad blocker comes in the way and makes sure that the user is always protected. 

  • It is smooth to use.
  • It has an interactive and easy UI
  • It offers a smooth browsing
  • Sometimes it has maintenance issues
  • Yearly personal plan for 2.49$ per month for 3 devices
  • Family package of 5.49$ per month for 9 devices
  • Lifetime personal 79.99$
  • Lifetime family 169.99$

AdGuard: High Speed and Compatibility

App store preview of Ad Guard

Advanced technology and blended filters are what AdGuard is providing to the users. It is present in different variants and prices are different for the users to take care of the needs of the users. Various features are presented in this comprehensive guide.

Customization: In this ad blocker, different customized features are present which are designed to cater for the needs of different users. Personalized ad-blocking settings are present to increase the efficiency of the browsing experience. It is an add-on feature that is exceptionally well-performing. It is used on both light and dark mode too.

Advance Technology: Different algorithms are designed to block different ads such as banners and video ads making sure that the speed of the website is not compromised and loading speed of the pages is also exceptional.

  • It is free of cost
  • It has a simple UI
  • It shows great performance
  • It causes glitches sometimes
  • Monthly Personal Plan: This plan is available at a very low price of $2.49 for 3 devices in just one month.
  • Monthly Family Plan: It is present at $5.49 per month for the users where a total of 9 devices are usable for the user
  • Lifestyle Plan: AdGuard is a lifetime subscription system that can be utilized for both personal and family where different devices can be usable at one time.

AdLock: Video Ads Blocker

AdLock preview of App Store

AdLock ad blocker is one of the most impressive ad blocker software for blocking video ads on different devices. It is efficient since in some cases, video ads keep on running in the background. Swift browsing experience is experienced by different users in this ad blocker.

Video Ad Blocking Experience: In this ad blocker, video ads are blocked on every platform whether it is on Google, Safari and Firefox. It is available for Android, Windows, macOS, YouTube, and Chrome and can be utilized for an impressive surfing experience.

Accessibility and Functionality: AdBlock is comprehendible easily and can be utilized for ad blocks, especially video ads. Across different platforms, every ad is blocked.  

  • It has great system compatibility
  • It provides good efficiency
  • You can customize your filters
  • Technical issues may arise
  • It is available with the plan of 1 Month for $3.5/month
  • 5 years 5 devices for $63
  • 1 year for $27.3


In this guide, there are five different ad blockers for iOS, iPhone, macOS and iPad are discussed. All these ad blockers are tested and then it is added in the guide to make sure that the users get the best of the ad blockers since there are bundles of ad blockers present in the market which are also not optimized. Few of these ad blockers are free while few do have different plans for different needs whether it is professionally utilized or utilized for personal use. Keep surfing safely and optimally with no ads popping up to disturb you. Happy surfing!

Please provide us with your valuable insights regarding the ad blocker you are using.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an ad blocker for iPhone?

An ad blocker for iPhone is a software tool or application designed to prevent advertisements from displaying on your iPhone while browsing the internet or using apps.

2. Why should I use an ad blocker on my iPhone?

Using an ad blocker can enhance your browsing experience by removing annoying and intrusive ads. It can also help in faster loading times and reduced data usage.

3. Is it legal to use ad blockers on iPhones?

Yes, using ad blockers on your iPhone is legal. Apple allows the use of ad blockers, and many are available on the App Store.

4. How do I install an ad blocker on my iPhone?

To install an ad blocker, go to the App Store, search for the desired ad blocker app, and download it. Follow the on-screen instructions to set it up.

5. Can ad blockers block ads in all apps?

Ad blockers primarily work within web browsers. While some ad blockers may have limited functionality in certain apps, they are most effective in blocking ads during web browsing.

6. Do ad blockers affect website functionality?

In some cases, ad blockers may affect the functionality of certain websites that rely on ads. However, most reputable ad blockers allow users to whitelist specific sites.

7. Are there free ad blockers for iPhones?

Yes, there are free ad blockers available for iPhones. Many offer basic ad-blocking features for free, with the option to purchase a premium version for additional features.

8. Can I customize the settings of my adblocker?

Most ad blockers for iPhone allow users to customize settings such as whitelisting specific websites, adjusting blocking intensity, and choosing filter lists.

9. Do ad blockers improve page loading speed?

Yes, one of the benefits of using an ad blocker is that it can significantly improve page loading speed by preventing the loading of resource-heavy advertisements.

10. Are there any downsides to using ad blockers on iPhone?

While ad blockers enhance user experience, some websites rely on ads for revenue. By using an ad blocker, you may indirectly impact the revenue streams of content creators and publishers. Consider whitelisting sites you want to support.

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